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First founded as the Umid Center in 1996, since 2000, Rahmdillik has offered refuge and services to over one thousand survivors who have been affected by domestic violence. Rahmdillik and its central services are based in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, with outreach efforts extending to various neighboring districts within Uzbekistan.

Bibisora Oripova: Director of Rahmdillik

An esteemed women's rights activist and surgeon specializing in burn trauma treatment, Dr. Bibisora Oripova, the director of Rahmdillik has dedicated her life's work to treating systemic problems of violence against women in Uzbekistan, receiving the Valle d'Aosta Regional Council's acclaimed "Donna dell’Anno" International Woman of the Year prize in 2010 for her efforts.

Photo: Dr. Oripova in Valle d'Aosta, Italy, after receiving the Donna dell'Anno prize in 2010

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